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Click on the links below to see photos of our Rotties in our client's homes:


Mixed Client Photos                 Marilia Hoyle (Skye & Blue)                 Nicole Glocke (Judge & Jury)               Della & Trevor (Yeiga Bear & Tosca)
 Andre (Bally)    Antoinette (Boris)    Carla (Maverick)    Donata (Max)
 Cathy (Delta)    Louis Hugo (Luther)    Annanda (Bella Donna)    Gillian (Milo)
 Sid and Chris (Scooby)    Anton (Brutus)    Cam Nicholson (Zeus)    Jans (Bully)
 Channelle (Zorro)    Charlotte Horn (Bullet)    Cyndi (Pandora)    Jonathan (Layla)
Debbie (Zulu & Cleo)    Keith (Bella)    Kim (Roxy)   Merle (Brutus & Lexi)
 Natasha (Max)    Neil and Carine (Guiness)    Rouvierre (Aschiera)    Sharon (Demi & Levi)
Sunette (Max)   Tanya (Duke)   Terry (Achilles & Savage)   Thor
Tracey (Zared)            



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